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About United Christian University

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United Christian University (UCU) is a private  Christian institution of higher learning established by patriotic Malawians in response to a call for quality university education with a Christian perspective, job creation and promote university industry linkages through research and innovation. The University was founded in Blantyre city and is registered with the Malawi and incorporated under the companies Act No. 15 of 2013. The University offers face to face, weekend classes, and blended open and distance e-learning. These innovative approaches are designed to expand access and meet the needs of Malawians. The University currently has three faculties; Education, Social Sciences, Commerce and Life Sciences. UCU has its central office in Christian Service Committee (CSC) Building along Zalewa M1 road adjacent to Malawi National Library

Our mission is to become a leading Christian University for societal transformation and development that create a human resource equipped with knowledge and skills through a sustainable quality, innovative education programmes and services for the promotion of a development based society. This entails United Christian University is to promote development through training, research and provision of services to the public and private sector in an environmentally friendly manner.

Courses and Intakes

UCU offers over 16 bachelor’s, programmes which are designed to develop a cadre of professionals with integrity, power of critical inquiry, logical thought and independent judgment with a Christian perspective. The programmes are offered in three intakes (admissions/academic-programmes) of, Easter (January), Trinity (May) and Advent (September) semesters. Our students are in demand in the job market because of a long-term built track record of discipline, integrity and professionalism that is synonymous with the UCU brand


Comprehensive Education

In line with our theme of offering ‘A Complete Education for A Complete Person’, our education integrates physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth along with traditional academic learning. UCU graduates possess essential skills, can reason and analyze, cooperate in teams, and are trustworthy.

University Administration

United Christian University is led by the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Wilfred Masebo assisted by the Deputy Vice-Chancellors (currently vacant). The University is also governed by the University Council and Senate.


The overall trustees of the University—the University Council (university-council-and-senate)—create policy, set mission and purpose, and are tasked with building and maintaining a successful organization. They ensure good management and adequate resources and they appoint and support the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.


The Deans, lead UCU’s schools. The Senior Leadership Team manages the operations of the institution through various administrative units.


The University Senate, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, is the chief deliberative body of the University; its membership is made up of representatives of the faculty, students, administrators, and deans.   


Together, these offices and groups make up the leadership and university-wide governance structures

Boards and Committees

The University Leadership manages different activities through the following Boards and Committees.

  1. Finance Board

  2. Planning and Development Board 

  3. Human Resources Board

  4. Student Affairs Board 

  5. Audit and Risk Management Committee 

  6. Procurement Committee


UCU Collaborations and Partnerships

To facilitate collaboration and cooperation in areas of mutual interest for purpose of enhancing contribution to higher education internationally. United Christian University partners with other universities and organisations around the country and the world to benefit our students, lecturers, researchers and communities

Students Graduate in time with excellence

Core Values

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  • Christ-centeredness: We acknowledge the Lordship of Christ, seeking to know and obey God’s will, challenging ingrained secular thinking in education.

  • Diligence:  We are careful in whatever we do, conscientious at work and persistent in the face of difficulty because our work is a service to Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Integrity: We hold to sound moral character, as defined by biblical principles of upholding honesty and transparency, truthfulness, faithfulness and exercising humility.

  • Servanthood:  We are convinced that all people bear the image of God, therefore we commit to love them as we love ourselves, using our positions of influence to build up others.

  • Stewardship: We faithfully manage ourselves, our relationship and tangible resources knowing that these are given to us in trust, for God’s glory.

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