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About the Career Development and Placement Directorate

The Directorate of Career Development and Placement was created to bridge the gap between the past, prospective, present and alumni to the working world.

The office is committed to helping students explore their career options, identify and prepare for opportunities in the job market, access opportunities like internships, jobs, and volunteer in partner organizations.

The Office works with the Academic Affairs and Development & External Relations arms of the University for the relationship of United Christian University with her stakeholders namely; prospective students, current students, graduates and the alumni.
The Office communicates with employers about the University and its graduates, professional and corporate bodies in an effort to build lasting working relations leading to the signing of MoUs. This is aimed at empowering students with professional career guidance and opportunities thereof. The office is open to anyone with a query about their careers, potentials, and capabilities.


Linking students to the job industry

Identifying internships and job opportunities for students and alumni

Mentorship programs with industry and alumni as well as to peer mentorship.

Informational interviews with Industry


  • Career out Reaches to Secondary Schools and Communities

  • Finalists’ Career Weeks

  • Career Clinics & Symposiums

  • The orientation of New Students

  • Pre-Campus Camp

  • Exhibitions

  • Open Day/Inter-School Quiz

  • Career Meeting August

  • Employers’ Forum November

  • Benchmarking

  • Alumni Events

  • Daily Client Walk-Ins

  • One-On-One Career Guidance

  • Job and Internship Opportunities Posting

  • Talks by industry professionals

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