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How to Apply

Applications Guidelines Application is made through filling an application form obtained at a non-refundable application fee at the Main Campus or request online. You may also download the application form from this website and pay for it on submission.

Application for Admission

Applications forms are available at a non-refundable fee of Mwk 10,000. The application form must be fully filled and the relevant academic documents attached. It must be returned to the Admissions Office of the University according to the set deadline dates obtained from the Admissions office.

Application Procedure

  1. Click here (/admissions/academic-programmes) to see our programs OR Check with the Admissions office at the University.

  2. Buy an application form from any of our campuses (Mwk 10,000), or Download the form (Click on the downloads tab), fill it and return it to the University.

  3. On returning the application form, you'll receive a coupon showing the date when the results of the application will be out.

  4. On the date results of the application are out, kindly check at the admissions office or on the university website; then proceed to pick your admission letter if admitted.

  5. After admission, one may be required to pay a non-refundable tuition fee deposit in order to confirm your vacancy.

Application forms are processed and shortlists made by the Admissions Office are forwarded to the University Admissions Committee. The board grants or denies the admission and forwards the decision to the Deputy Vice-Chancellors (Academic Affairs) office


The applicant's file is reviewed for completeness and a letter is given indicating admission, pending the fulfilment of the requirements.

All documents received by the University in connection with an application for admission become the property of United Christian University. Admission places of students who are admitted and fail to report are filed. However, the material will only be held for a period of only one year if the student notifies the Admissions Office in writing of postponement of enrollment.

International Applicants

Welcome to the International Students Office (ISO) at United Christian University (UCU). The ISO serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students at the Institute. The ISO assists students in maintaining their legal status in Malawi and promotes interaction with and integration into the UCU community at large.

As an international student, we are your home away from home. We help you adapt to Blantyre and Malawi and make sure that you have a successful academic and personal experience. The office of the Directorate of Student Affairs (DOSA) serves all incoming and currently enrolled international students at the University. The DOSA Office assists students in maintaining their legal status in Malawi, and promotes interaction with and integration into the United Christian University community

DOSA's Office provides the following services:

  • Help students to acquire student pass. A student pass is issued to foreign students intending to study in an institution of higher learning in Malawi if s/he has been accepted in a program of study at a recognized Malawian institution. A student pass is mandatory for all international students;

  • Orientation programs for entering international undergraduate and graduate students

  • Sponsors events and programs to help students adjust to life in Malawi and at UCU, and provides counselling related to emergencies and unexpected immigration problems.

  • Offers transport facilities for new international students. International students, who arrive by both air and bus are picked on arrival in Malawi. However, these students have to keep in touch and communicate with the DOSA's office


The University doesn’t accept cash deposit at its account’s office. All fees must be paid through University accounts. All fees payments and other university dues are to be made in the following ways:


Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs)

EFTs to the university bank accounts are acceptable on condition that the student's Access Number and Names are clearly indicated on the statement. Please ensure that the sending Bank captures these details clearly.




Bank Details


Standard Bank

Swift Code:

Account Name:  United Christian University

Account Number: XXXXXXX

Branch: Blantyre


Direct cash payments to the University Cash Office are not accepted. Cash should be deposited on the university bank accounts above. Students must ensure that they keep all their copies of each bank slip safely because they will be referred to during Accounts Week. This is an exercise carried out every semester to ensure that all students accounting records are in order. All Bank slips from the very beginning of a students' tenure at UCU will be required for this exercise.

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